Echo JS 0.11.0


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This project is backed by our company and will receive ongoing maintenance. 
We’re also excited to have more Contributors get involved.
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Check out the
Suno AI, a music-generating AI often dubbed as the ChatGPT of the music realm, recently unveiled its v3 version, delivering truly striking outcomes. Some scenarios are now capable of direct audio production.

While the official Suno API remains closed to public access, our team created this project to facilitate integration for an application in need. Recognizing the demand from others, we decided to make it open-source.

=== Key Features ===

- Facilitates one-click deployment on Vercel

- Covers 4 APIs with strong support

- Ensures consistent maintenance of login statuses

- Offers customization for Suno API

- Free and open for all

Your Stars and bug-spotting tests are most welcome!