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tracker1 459 days ago. link 3 points
Interesting... in the tech section, Linux beat out Windows and Docker is at 31% on its' own.  Also, I'm surprised that 1:8 have used Firebase this past year.

Most wanted languages: Python, JavaScript, Go --- Rust took the top spot on most loved followed by Python and TypeScript

React is (of course) the most loved and wanted web framework, edging out Vue in both... 

.Net Core tops most loved and Node most wanted under the "other..." category.

Redis and PostgreSQL top most loved DB

Linux, Docker, K8s top most loved platforms... Docker in most wanted spot.

VS Code top dev env

Most used OS, I'm surprised Linux is almost as high as mac for primary OS, windows is under 50% now.

38% using containers (Docker) at least for development.

Functional languages (Clojure and F#) top the salary chart, followed by Go...

The correlated technology map is super cool


fallanic 459 days ago. link 2 points
Spoiler alert!

Just kidding, great summary 😄

Also very surprised with Linux being the primary OS of 25% of devs.