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bluebill1049 133 days ago. link 1 point
nice! thanks for keep spam out. Do we allow to re-post github propject again after say 4 months later?
bluebill1049 142 days ago. link 1 point
yea true that, maybe i should do that next time. thanks for the suggestion. i dont get the down vote... :( 

thank you tho :)
bluebill1049 143 days ago. link 1 point
Hi guys, 

i have create a react hook for form validation, hopefully you will find it useful. This lib is pretty light and easy to use, feel free to try to the builder page ( which allow you to generate form with code on the fly.

thanks very much for checking it out and stars the repo.

many thanks
bluebill1049 193 days ago. link 1 point
i have log an issue for myself to investigate too :) thanks for checking.
bluebill1049 193 days ago. link 1 point
Thanks Spalger, i think i still need to polish it up bit more, this is just the minor version for now.
bluebill1049 194 days ago. link 2 points
yea love material UI, i build smooth range input for the skae of better interaction on the mobile device, as the bar is thicker (40px) and the value on your finger tip. Thanks for checking :)