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ashleynolan 133 days ago. link 2 points
I presume you mean q24 and q25?

I've adjusted these now so that 24 does not require an answer and q25 has an option for no tools to be selected.
ashleynolan 1338 days ago. link 1 point
If I was working in a smaller team, I’d definitely do that.  Problem is, the choice I make impacts on 30-40 developers and this means it takes time to change workflow tools and process (as well as re-educating people on the tools we’ve chosen).  It also doesn’t inspire confidence in your choices if you try and switch workflow tools every couple of weeks/months!

I’m playing around with a JSPM setup atm, but wanted to get opinions off devs who have more experience using it than me.  

I find it’s always useful to ask the question and see what comes out of it!